Screening Candidates for IT Requirements and Augmenting Your Existing IT Team

Saros Tech is an IT Staffing firm and IT Staff augmentation company in Jacksonville, Florida. We have immense experience in providing recruiting and IT Staffing services to clients in government and private sectors. Hence, we understand that the staffing and recruiting industry has more aspects to it than what is popularly known. Clients turn to Saros Tech when they have an urgent need for a specific technology skill, want to leverage our robust local and national networks for short- or long-term initiatives, or are struggling to locate and/or retain expert, hard-to-find talent.

We pride ourselves with our “hands-on” approach to insure we have the right-fit in terms of personnel. Saros Tech thoroughly screens consultants to ensure that they have the pre-requisites to meet and exceed your staffing needs. Our experience in the IT staffing/consulting industry enables us to leverage a deep pool of available people. Saros Tech’s recruitment philosophy is dynamically updated and sharpened. Saros Tech deploys differentiated strategies in accordance with the nature of the client. We have specialized expertise in cutting down the turnaround time for meeting staffing requests.


Saros Tech has solutions for all your IT staffing requirements. Our IT recruiting specialists have immense experience in their relevant domains. Hence, it is recognized what qualities are mandatory for a candidate to provide highly efficient services. We have thus ensured that only the most suitable candidates with no black marks in their history and with complete knowledge of the tasks to be done are selected. Our USP's are:

  • IT staffing options for Contract, Contract to Hire, Full-Time Permanent Placement, and Statement of Work Projects.
  • Candidates available for Application Development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Enterprise Data Management, Infrastructure Development, and more.
  • Partnership with recruitment agencies to source the most experienced and skilled candidates.
  • Provision of cost-effective staffing solutions.


We have heightened understanding of the demands present in today’s IT job market, and our years of experience ensure that your needs are met immediately, which ensures that deadlines are right on target. In addition to matching your IT staffing needs with the right talent, our human resources management team handles everything in the hiring process from the moment you contact us.


Saros Tech connects you to the most apt company based on your qualifications, experience and preferences. We are in fact a reputed IT Staffing provider of multiple entities in Florida and across the United States. This ensures that we always have vacancies for Companies full time, part time and temporary jobs. Saros Tech gives the best of you to the best!

Find a professional job that suits your skills.